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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I Dub Today Star Wars Day :)

Star Wars Sandwich Cutters and Lunch Box

Sandwiches... they happened in a galaxy far far away...  Now,

you can make your BORING AS HELL sandwiches into freakin' awesome

Millenium Falcon and Vader's Own Personal TIE Fighter shapes ! Once

you have your sammiches, bring them ANYWHERE with the included

lunch box tin. Hellz yeah.. You are now looking tough as nails on your

way to work school. :)  The Force Will Be With You  or  This is not the Geek we are looking for

Star Wars Pancake Molds and Cookie Cutters
Star Wars has landed in your oven. Finally... geesh what took so long.

Anyway... each of these sets knock you back about 20 space bucks,

but if you ever owe Jabba some money, these might hold him off for

quite some time.

Millennium Falcon Guitar: 
Rock out faster than the Kessel Run
Easily able to reach 12 parsecs in no time flat. The Millennium Falcon

Guitar is pure Star Wars awesome.
@scotty yelling

Cheshire Cat Stormtrooper Helmet
This has been crafted up for the 501st Legion Project  and it is quite

the beauty. I don't think I would mind seeing an entire army made with

these, maybe along with some raging Alice body armor. Go check out

the sites, there are many more cool helms being made
Star wars Helmuts


@scotty yelling

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