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TSA... Mall Cops With a Badge Christmas Edition

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Hello Folk ,
As my header says Tis TSA Day :)

Seeing as how My Son is Coming home from collage for the Holidays I decided to Do 
A Special TSA Funny Blog Just For Him :) Hope You ENJOY and Get a Good Chuckle
Good Luck Big Guy ROFL :)

Can't see London
Can't see France
Until we see
Your underpants!
~TSA 2011-2012 Holiday season~ 

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 The carolers present the 'TSA Christmas Carol'
I won't auto play the vid just push start :)

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Sing along:

Dash this line is slow,
It’s taking all friggin’ day.
Now he’s refused a scan,
Prolonging the delay.
Now I’m not very shy,
But I really got a shock,
when the TSA guy rubbed my thigh
and brushed against my ****.

groping all the way.
Oh what fun it is to fly,
But first we’ll get our way.
groping all the way
we’re happy to touch you anywhere
whether you’re straight or gay.

A day or two ago
I thought I’d hit the skies.
But I quickly changed my mind
when I heard about those guys.
It’s really gone too far.
It made me want to shout
when they reached inside her bra
and pulled that implant out.


Now I am not a prude,
but I really had to frown
when he asked me in that room
for a one-on-one pat down.
We don’t feel really safe.
We don’t mean to be crass
But nothing will stop Osama
with a bomb stuck up his ass.


Funny TSA Jokes from Late Night

“The TSA has changed airport security guidelines. Now you can have an extensive body pat-down or a naked scan. I think I speak for everybody when I say, “Hey, why can’t we have both?” –David Letterman

“People are concerned that the new airport security scanners could lead to pictures of their genitals ending up on the Internet. Apparently no one has told them that without pictures of genitals, there would be no Internet.” –Conan O’Brien

“Hillary Clinton said on CBS that she would not submit to a pat-down, to which Bill Clinton said, ‘Tell me about it.’” –Jay Leno

“This year marks the first Christmas in which travelers will get molested before they get to their uncle’s house.” -Seth Meyers

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Christmas Marijuana Seized at LAX: TSA is The Grinch
Some kid is going to be really disappointed this holiday season.
That's because a suspect with marijuana packaged in Christmas-present wrapping was busted at LAX this week.
Santa Clause does not exist, children.And TSA is the Grinch. ... the man allegedly had 120 pounds worth of weed in holiday wrapping, and a WEED Tree !!
The look on that kid's face when Papa brought that home? Priceless. That gift could have kept on giving, too. Merry Christmas.
( no i don't smoke weed but if i did i would be pissed) ROFL :)

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Noffin But Fuuny TSA PICS BELOW :)
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I Miss YOU and LOVE YOU !!!

My net is acting upDhooh
Welcome Home MEJO :)

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