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Thursday, September 09, 2010

Another Day Another Blog

  OFF Stuff For Fun Reads

 For $15 a month a real (human) person will call you up and tell you how awesome you are. So, if you need little moral boosting, like to hear a strangers voice, or just want to reassure how awesome you are, then go to [ ] and sign up. Lossers


  You know, I think I might want to start a youfuckinsuckreminders to battle this idea.

The Teabag that looks like a Nutsack to Teabag your Tea with
Teabagging is back in style (thanks GOP!!!) So, get down with the Earl Grey, fill up your fancy teabag ball sack looking.. tea... bags... and well, start brewing.

WOW :)
Nintendo Game Boy Condoms for Sexually Active Gamers
    It's more art than actual product, but I tell ya... I think these

would fly off the shelves at your local drug store and/or video game

shop... cool pics.

Dong (heat),  Super Mario Land of Love (thin), Sextris (x safe),

Donkey Shlong (large), Bone Zone 2 (tingle), The Long End of Zelda


ROFL WTF is This  HEE hEEEE  :)

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