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Wednesday, September 08, 2010

OFF Stuff For Fun Reads

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Let me start out by saying some things on this Blog will Tickle your
FUNNY Bone While other stuff will be a little serious.

OFF Stuff For Fun Reads 

ELEVATOR NoN  Stopping ( useless info )

some of us have to take an elevator ever freakin' day in order to

bounce into the office. What sucks more than holding your coffee, half

asleep and having to stop on each floor waiting for some suckers in

suits to get in. They glare at you. They think you don't have what it

takes. I say.. fuck em... skip them all.



Oh the glorious 50s... a calm reflect on the Korean War, Sputnik, the

invention of the solar cell... If they only knew what they had coming

to them. Men on the moon, and men spinning around the earth...? Anyway

these cool ads do quite the impressive job of bringing us back... to

where most of have never been.

Rob a Crown Fried Chicken in Harlem, Get a Date with a Thick Girl
As you and I well know...

this could have been any of us. Obvious
OSFFR  readers KNOW how to rob fried chicken stands... and all the

ladies love our skills.

Hilariously Messed Up: The Craigslist Engagement Ring

 Can't stop playing this scene out in my mind in a variety of ways...

if the dude was smart, he would have captured this on video and gave us

all something super awesome to watch. I have so many questions... so


Enjoy Your Day
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