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Friday, September 17, 2010

Friday Funnies Or Random Dumb

Brilliant Marketing: Delicious Dinosaur Meat
Yay!!! I love to eat prehistoric creatures. Just ask anyone. So Bosch  came up with this awesome marketing campaign for their VitaFresh refrigerator technology that can easily preserve meat for millions, if not billions of years.I hope that someday, this will actually be a reality. Come ON scientists ! Get on it ! Click on to watch the commercial, @scotty yelling

Quite Possibly the Happiest House Ever
Or... is about to eat those children. It's up to you to decide.

WTF Craigslist: Wife / Girlfriend Cage for Sale

 @scotty yelling

Seriously Hardcore: Cow Hooves Shoes with Pistol Heals _
 WOW Look At The Shadow

In Case 2012 Isn't 2012: Apocalyptic Orgy Condom Advertisement
    Condoms do some halfway decent things... Examples: Preventing unwanted bastard children... keeping the STDs off your junk... making it seem like you get laid from time to time... filling it up with water and throwing it at unsuspecting townsfolk @scotty yelling

Imagine that somehow you convinced a group of cultists and/or strangers to do it with you. Now, when your mega sex-fest is all over... the end DOESN'T come and wipe everyone, including yourself, out. *insert Ut-Oh* It's best to be safe than sorry (I guess)..  So until 2013... you might as well keep killing your seed in a rubber dick-bag... again... I guess. ;)

ANNNDDDD!!!! Finally
A bad ass pic for a bad ass Friday :)
Enjoy your weekend ...... ohhh and don't eat 
Carrots * winks 

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