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Monday, October 04, 2010

MonDay MaDNeSs

 Hope You Had A great Weekend
Mine Was ok Baby sitting is NOT my thing ROFL
Felt like i was on a Island Stranded, nowhere to 
GO !!!

Se7en Stranded Deadly Sins...

I have always been fascinated by the Seven Deadly Sins. They are so concrete, yet abstract; truly subjective absolutes. Strangely, though, the Seven Righteous Virtues, the “Glass-half-full” flip side list, never caught on in pop culture with quite the same emphasis. I would like to blame the film, “SE7EN,” (starring Morgan Freeman, Brad Pitt, Gwyneth Paltrow and Kevin Spacey. Great flick!), but I believe the movie to be more of a result of the list’s appeal.

I recently was considering Gilligan’s Island, (a favorite television show and another point of fascination for me,) and realized that each of the castaways was possessed of a different defining one of these aforementioned sins.

Some were quite blatant, such as Ginger, (lust,) or Mr. Howell, (greed,) while others, less so. My list:

Gilligan: Gluttony. Gilligan has shown time and again that the boy can eat. Nothing seems to motivate him more, and he is often bribed by the women-folk with banana cream pies, or coconut cream pies, etc.

Skipper: Wrath. The only castaway who routinely strikes another. He loses patience with Gilligan in almost every episode and lashes out physically. Sure, it is only a hat-smack, but severity does not define intent!

Mr. Howell: Greed. As I mentioned, this is so obvious and central to the character’s personality, that it almost overshadows his other qualities.

Mrs. Howell: Sloth. The thought of “perspiration” brings about a near panic to Thurston’s trophy bride, and her anecdotes about the servants secure Lovey’s standing as the personification of this sin.

Ginger: Lust. Ginger’s patented whore-maneuvers of man-manipulation are so dominant to her persona that she even has her own theme music with which to work her sultry seductive wiles on the love-starved male population of the island. She's SO hot.

The Professor: Pride. The only castaway with his own hut, the professor always seems to be looking down on the others as ignorant inconveniences. He holds six advanced degrees, speaks many languages, and has written a number of books, and seems to insist on being acknowledged by his title, “The Professor,” instead of by his name, Roy.

Mary Ann: Envy. Oh sure, Mary Ann is a bundle of virtues but her envy of Ginger’s lifestyle is impossible to ignore! To the point of her actually becoming Ginger after a knock on the noggin during a performance of Hamlet.

The Island of the Damned! (with your humble narrator!)

Finally, one could look at these individuals, see them for their sins and speculate that they are, in actuality, the living damned! That island, devoid of boats, lights, motorcars or even a single luxury, (that so many others seem to be able to come and go from so frequently,) is their HELL! And the show is a subliminal anecdotal allegory denouncing the practitioners of these lifestyle choices.

No, I don't actually believe a word of this basket of tripe that I have just written. Don't be silly. But, what if, by some strange twist, I am wrong and this really was the point of the show. (Kinda makes "Lost" look like Sesame Street, huh?)

Cue the haunting refrain: “Here for a long, long time.” ( as a kid i thought it said  "here for a aweful time ) ROFL 

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"Among the Sasquatch"
Jane Goodall’s study of Chimpanzee’s, Dian Fossey’s ‘Gorillas in the Mist’, and now...
What is left? Where is the next primatology study hotspot? I’ll tell you! Or rather, I’ll show you!

‘Among the Sasquatch!’ Oh, you read right, friends! Your humble author is on the edge of a monumental study of our NEW closest living relatives, the Bigfoot!

The plan is simple, really. A tree-stand, some motion-activated cameras, infra-red scopes, and a bucketload of patience and luck.

I will live in the trees, but strategically mark out territory with urine much like a bear or cat, (or possibly, a Sasquatch!) and use these territorial markings to “guide” the human-wary Bigfoot into a place where documentation of its existence is assured. Then, a carefully devised trap to ensnare the sub-human would allow me to free the beast, and thusly win over its trust.

It may require several such “chance” encounters, over a period of months, but eventually, I should safely be welcomed into their culture, as simply a follicly-challenged member of their society. It is from this vantage point that I will learn all about the Sasquatch; its attitudes, its language, its familiar infrastructure, and document it for my forthcoming, Nobel Prize-winning documentary.

Yes, science will gain an understanding of this elusive creature, and my name will live beyond eternity as the cryptozoologist who never gave up believing!

A future honorary-Sasquatch tribe member...

Okay, true, this plan hinges on my receiving a big, fat grant in order to jump-start this little expedition, but I am sure that the delay in that is merely a paperwork glitch. This type of thing takes some time...

Once the grant approval comes through, however, mankind will enter into a new age of understanding, a new dawn of zoology, a new era of awareness. All ushered in by me.

Pretty awesome, huh?

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For a dated, pre

Technophobes Randomness 
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Random Thoughts.

A coupla' more eye-stinging squirts from the freshly-squeezed lemon of my mind, again, in lieu of a proper posting.

Feel free to comment, "What a lazy bastard!"

1. If I were on a primitive island with a tribe of people and a 50 foot tall killer gorilla, and someone suggested building a huge wall to keep him out, I probably would have said, “Yeah, but let’s make sure the door in that wall is much too small for him to fit through.” They could’ve use a guy like me on Skull island.

2. The formula for ice cubes: H20³.

3. I think Noah was a pretty brave guy to bring those two termites on board...

4. I had a friend who never came out and said he was gay, but he did talk about wearing shoe mirrors at the Scottish Highland Games.

5. I'll bet vampire parents tell their children, "Don't run with pencils!"

6. Hallowe’en costumes you don’t see very often: Sexy pigs. Or Santa.

7. I think a world without war, or weapons, or armies would be really great. Because we could invade it and they wouldn’t know what to do!

8. Fish are lucky. They can be incontinent all the time and no one ever knows...

9. How far down do you own your land?

10. No matter how many times you say it, saying “GOOD MOURNING!” isn’t considered funny at a funeral. Or so I have been told.


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Wedding Crashers
So not too long ago, I was invited to a wedding. There was the standard fare; Church service, nice reception, decent meal, DJ, big-honkin’-cake. Y’know, typical wedding stuff.  But it got me thinking to past weddings. The things I remember most vividly from the weddings that I attended, (as guest, participant, or gatecrasher,) have almost always been the things that went dramatically wrong. I think that a lot of folks do this, (and it doesn’t make us bad people!)

So, the notion crossed my mind that if that is what people remember, then to make a truly memorable wedding shouldn’t be too hard; just give the people what they want! Hence, the following...

My business proposal:

Wedding Crashers. The ultimate in entertainment.

This new business will provide the wedding planners with random, memorable  occurrences throughout either the ceremony or the reception. Occurrences would be enacted by professional “actors” in the roles of guests, attendees, staff, et cetera and is fully customizable to the level of shock value desired. Some examples of “services” offered:

_ Drunk guy gives an impromptu speech,

Options:   -Correct or incorrect bride and groom names

         -Happy drunk, belligerent drunk, verbally abusive drunk

         -Finishes speech and steps down/escorted off/passes out.

_ Cat Fight! Two female party guests get into a brawl

Options: -Torn dresses

       -Adult language

       -Reconciliation or escorted out

_ Pastry Problems: A “Dummy” wedding cake ...

Options: -Someone falls into it.

       -Stripper pops out

       -Drunk guy cuts himself a big slice

       -Cat fight uses a fist full in the brawl

       -Waiter drops it onto another “guest”

_ Ex- makes an appearance!

Options: -His vs. hers, spouse/lover/same-sex companion

       -Illegitimate child issue

       -Breech-of-contract dispute

_ EMTs: Injury to a “guest”

Options: -Food poisoning

      -Clumsy waiter caused

_ Police involvement: Best Man/Maid of Honor arrested during reception

Options: The crime- Polygamy, embezzlement, etc.

      - Peaceful or resistant? Tasered?

_ And many other services could be included and realistic requests are always considered.

Of course, a wedding reception like this is not for everybody. That said, I and many people I know would have done something like this in a heartbeat!

And people would be talking about it for years to come.

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Friggin’ genius. Come One Come All

One For The Books Facebook That is
came across this looking through the net 
for stuff to write some one took my Idea.
I would come up with better pics however :)

Feel Free to right Click and Save As

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Movie Pic and "Quotes" of The Day

Some Kind of wonderful- 1987

OK This Movie i Really Didn't like till Duncan came in the
Picture his Quotes are the BEST. However  " What 14 yr
old Boy was not in LOVE with "Watts" hot blond that
can Rip the Shit out of the Drums !!!!

"I didn't know Jenns lived in a henhouse. Did you know that?
Must be a henhouse, 'cause I don't see nothin' but chicken shit.: Let's just cut the bullshit. All right?Please? I'm here to wipe the floor with your ass.You know it, everybody knows it, and you deserve it.I think it's safe to say...that this party is about to become a historical fact.We're gonna bring this party up to a nice respectable level. Don't worry, we're not gonna hurt anyone. We're not even gonna touch 'em. We're just gonna make 'em cry a little, just by lookin' at 'em."  

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The Total Badassery "Duncan' the unsung Hero/Skinhead
who would have thought :)and yes that is Elias Koteas
aka Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1 & 3
Casey Jones / Whit. CSI: NY  (TV series)
'Joe' / Douglas Anderson.House M.D.Jack Moriarty.
and of corse The Sopranos(TV series)
Dominic Palladino. And my FAV :)The Haunting in Connecticut Reverend Popescu

Have A GREAT Monday and yep you know it " DON"Y WORK TO HARD"
Moreno 10

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