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The Young Ones

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This Blog was for Yesterday my net went out: TODAY  Is Sunday ( Super Bowl Sunday) and I am going to miss IT >.< 
So i decited to write a blog insted. This one is a 80's Flash Back Then and Now

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The Young Ones was a British sitcom, first broadcast in 1982, which ran for two series on BBC2. Its anarchic, offbeat humour helped bring alternative comedy to television in the 1980s and made household names of its writers and performers. Soon afterwards, it was shown on MTV, one of the first non-music television shows on the fledgling channel.

Adrian Edmondson
Rik Mayall
Nigel Planer
Christopher Ryan

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Adrian Edmondson aka Vyvyan Basterd
Very Metal
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Vyvyan Basterd, billed here as "Ade") is your typical boy-next-door nihilist punk. His mother is a barmaid and former shoplifter, and has no idea who Vyv's father is. Prone to acts of extreme violence, especially against Neil and Rick, Vyvyan is the show's equivalent to the Tasmanian Devil. His pet hamster, SPG (Special Patrol Group), is often a target for his rage; at one point, Vyv even jams him in the toaster. SPG is very loyal despite this, and is even seen getting the best of Vyvyan occasionally (electrocuting him for a joke in one episode). He's a medical student, and - inexplicably - the most creative bloke of the four. He's dementedly inventive, and is known for coming up with unorthodox ways to fix things/relieve boredom/tear shit up:
  • He uses a severed leg - borrowed from the morgue - as a hood ornament for his car
  • Develops a potion that turns whoever drinks it into an axe-wielding maniac ("'s basically a cure...for not being an axe-wielding maniac."), which he then hides (very inconspicuously) in a can of Coke.
  • Attaches a bomb to the doorbell, because he wanted to "pep it up a bit".
  • "Improves" a vacuum cleaner by adding a small car engine to it, then uses it to suck up the entire living room rug, the floor, and Neil's friend, Neil.
  • When the guys run low on money, Vyvyan borrows cups of sugar from a neighbor - to burn the cups for heat.
  • Pretends (with great success) to be pregnant, so he won't be forced to work
He is apparently indestructible, evident in the fact that he has had a pick-axe driven through his skull, been decapitated after sticking his head out of a train window (upon finding his head, his body kicks it around like a soccer ball), and is seen repeatedly using his head as a battering ram. He is also shown being willing and able to eat/drink anything, including the television (to avoid getting caught for not paying their TV license), and a frothy, steaming blue drink that makes his hair fall out (revealing a "666" tattoo). 
Vyvyan is shown to be somewhat interested in women, and even tries to impress a few of them at a party by showing them how many "press-ups" he can do (he suspiciously appears to be dry-humping the floor). However, he admits to being a virgin ("...unless snogging SPG counts") to escape the clutches of the vampire mentioned above.
Vyvyan beats Neil up when he's pissed off/bored, but obviously takes greater pleasure in antagonizing/torturing Rick. This may be due to Rick's hypocritical "revolutionary" posturing, or it could be just because Rick is "a complete bastard", and a "poof". Either way, it's completely justified.

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Vyvyan owns a Glaswegian hamster named Special Patrol Group ("SPG" for short) of whom he is very fond, although SPG is also frequently subjected to Vyvyan's extreme violence, although it is usually provoked, such as when SPG bit Vyvyan and made him destroy his cardboard submarine in "Flood" or plugging in the TV after Vyvyan swallowed it in "Bomb".
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2010 Pete & Dud: The Lost Sketches (TV movie)

2005-2008 Holby City (TV series)
Percy 'Abra' Durant
– Sweet Bitter Love (2008) … Percy 'Abra' Durant
– Mad World (2008) … Percy 'Abra' Durant
– No Breaks on the Midnight Express: Part 2 (2008) … Percy 'Abra' Durant (voice) (uncredited)
– Eighteen and a Half (2008) … Percy 'Abra' Durant
– You Do it to Yourself (2008) … Percy 'Abra' Durant

2008 Teenage Kicks (TV series)
– Goodbye Cruel Worm (2008) … Vernon
– Exodus (2008) … Vernon
– Fame (2008) … Vernon
– Student (2008) … Vernon
– Health (2008) … Vernon
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2008 Miss Austen Regrets (TV movie)
Henry Austen

2007 A Bucket o' French & Saunders (TV series)
– Episode #1.4 (2007)

2006 Surviving Disaster (TV series)
– Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster (2006) … Legasov

2005 Twisted Tales (TV series)
Ed Barnes
– Cursed House (2005) … Ed Barnes

2004 Terkel in Trouble
Terkel (voice: English version)

2003-2004 Jonathan Creek (TV series)
Brendan Baxter
– The Chequered Box (2004) … Brendan Baxter
– The Seer of the Sands (2004) … Brendan Baxter
– The Tailor's Dummy (2003) … Brendan Baxter
– Angel Hair (2003) … Brendan Baxter
– The Coonskin Cap (2003) … Brendan Baxter

2004 Doctors and Nurses (TV series)
Dr. Roy Glover
– Hip Hop (2004) … Dr. Roy Glover

2003 Bottom Live 2003: Weapons Grade Y-Fronts Tour (video)
Edward Hitler

2001 Bottom 2001: An Arse Oddity (video)

1982-2000 The Comic Strip Presents... (TV series)
Billy / Dick / Vim Fuego / …
– Four Men in a Plane (2000) … Ian Crisp
– Four Men in a Car (1998) … Ian
– Demonella (1993) … Sid Vicious
– Gregory: Diary of a Nutcase (1993) … Gregory Dawson
– Space Virgins from Planet Sex (1993) … 'K'/Air Traffic Controller

1999 Guest House Paradiso
Eddie Elizabeth Ndingombaba

1999 The Man (TV movie)

1988-1998 French and Saunders (TV series)
James Macaroon / John
– Titanic (1998) … James Macaroon
– Episode #2.5 (1988) … John

1998 Absolutely Fabulous: Absolutely Not! (video)

1998 Jack and the Beanstalk (TV movie)
Dame Dolly

1997 Bottom Live 3: Hooligan's Island (video)
Edward Hitler

1997 Captain Star (TV series)
Limbs Jones
– The Worm Turns (1997) … Limbs Jones (voice)
– Day of the Zooties (1997) … Limbs Jones (voice)
– The Atomic Alarm Clock (1997) … Limbs Jones (voice)
– The Edge of the Universe (1997) … Limbs Jones (voice)

1995 Bottom Live: The Big Number 2 Tour (video)
Edward Hitler

1995 Look at the State We're In! (TV mini-series)

1991-1995 Bottom (TV series)
– 'S Out (1995) … Eddie
– Carnival (1995) … Eddie
– Finger (1995) … Eddie
– Dough (1995) … Eddie
– Break (1995) … Eddie
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1995 The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones: Treasure of the Peacock's Eye (TV movie)

1994 Anna Lee (TV series)
Dominic Jones
– The Cook's Tale (1994) … Dominic Jones

1992-1994 Absolutely Fabulous (TV series)
– New Best Friend (1994) … Hamish
– Magazine (1992) … Hamish

1993 If You See God, Tell Him (TV series)
Gordon Spry
– Episode #1.4 (1993) … Gordon Spry
– Episode #1.3 (1993) … Gordon Spry
– Episode #1.2 (1993) … Gordon Spry
– Episode #1.1 (1993) … Gordon Spry

1993 Bottom Live (video)
Edward Hitler

1993 Jackanory (TV series)
– Harvey Angell (1993) … Reader

1992 Hamlet: The Video (video short)

1991 The Pope Must Die
Father Rookie

1991 Comic Relief (TV movie)
Vim Fuego (as Bad News)

1990 Screen One (TV series)
Phil Burke
– News Hounds (1990) … Phil Burke

1990 Rita Rudner (TV series)
– Episode #1.6 (1990)

1989 Blackadder Goes Forth (TV series)
Baron von Richthoven
– Private Plane (1989) … Baron von Richthoven

1989 Snakes and Ladders (TV series)

1989 Press Gang (TV series)
Simon Knowles
– One Easy Lesson (1989) … Simon Knowles

1987 Filthy Rich & Catflap (TV series)
Edward Catflap
– Episode #1.6 (1987) … Edward Catflap
– Episode #1.5 (1987) … Edward Catflap
– Episode #1.4 (1987) … Edward Catflap
– Episode #1.3 (1987) … Edward Catflap
– Episode #1.2 (1987) … Edward Catflap
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1987 Eat the Rich

1986 Screen Two (TV series)
Alun Pickersgill
– Honest, Decent and True (1986) … Alun Pickersgill

1986 Saturday Live (TV series)
Sir Adrian Dangerous

1986 Dangerous Brothers Present: World of Danger (video)
Sir Adrian Dangerous

1985 The Supergrass
Dennis Carter

1985 Happy Families (TV series)
Guy Fuddle / Guy
– Reunion (1985) … Guy Fuddle
– Roxanne (1985) … Guy Fuddle
– Joyce (1985) … Guy Fuddle
– Madeleine (1985) … Guy Fuddle
– Cassie (1985) … Guy Fuddle
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1984 The Lenny Henry Show (TV series)
– Episode #1.4 (1984)

1982-1984 The Young Ones (TV series)
Vyvyan / Alien Spotter
– Summer Holiday (1984) … Vyvyan
– Sick (1984) … Vyvyan
– Time (1984) … Vyvyan
– Nasty (1984) … Vyvyan
– Cash (1984) … Vyvyan
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1984 Spitting Image (TV series)
Harold Angryperson
– Episode #1.7 (1984) … Harold Angryperson (voice) (as Ade Edmonson)

1983 Dead on Time (short)
Fool (as Ade Edmonton)

1982 The Magnificent One (TV movie)

1982 Kevin Turvey: The Man Behind the Green Door (TV movie)
Keith Marshall

1981 The Comic Strip (TV short)
Adrian Dangerous (as Ade Edmondson)

Rik Mayall aka Rick
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Rick (no last name is ever given) was played byRic Mayall(of Drop Dead Fred "fame"), and - despite his belief that he's "the most popular member of the house" - is the least-liked person of the group. He "self-proclaims" a number of things, including:
  • Being an anarchist/Leninist (depending on his needs/motives at a given moment)
  • Being a vegetarian and agnostic
  • Being "the People's Poet"/"spokesperson for a generation"
  • Being of the working class - though it's revealed that he's from an upperclass, Conservative family (much like Neil)
Rik is studying either sociology or domestic sciences (whatever the hell that is), and is shown at the end of the series to have the lowest grade-point average of the group. He's seriously attention-starved, and tries to impress everyone (especially Mike) with his (non-existent) wit and humor. When it's revealed very plainly that the other guys hate him, he attempts suicide by downing a whole bottle of laxatives. He's extremely reactionary, and is known to throw child-like tantrums with little provocation. To compensate for his (much-deserved) emasculation at the hands of Vyvyan, Rick often verbally (and sometimes physically) assaults Neil - the member of the group least likely to retaliate. Despite being a self-absorbed "bottom-burp", Rick is occasionally shown to have a bit of a spine:
  • To prevent City Coucil from tearing down the house, he ties himself to a crucifix in the front lawn, and recites an impromptu poem.
  • He attempts to blackmail Margaret Thatcher into "doing something for the kids - this afternoon", by threatening to blow up England with the atomic bomb that's landed in the kitchen. Not altogether a bad plan, but he attempted to contact her by sending a telegram from the DHSS (the UK equivalent of the Social Security office).
  • To protest his (and Neil's) treatment at the hands of Vyvyan and Mike's "oil coalition", he stages a worker's revolution, complete with a benefit concert in the living room.
  • After Vyvyan crashes his car (in the midst of the group's bank-robbery attempt), Rick steals a double-decker bus for all of them to escape in.
Most of the time, though, Rick can be relied upon to be pretty damned naive/stupid. For example, at a party held by the boys, he mistakes a tampon for a telescope/sponge, and proceeds to dip it into someone's drink. In one episode, it's hinted that Rick might be a closet transvestite: Neil, unable to get into his own room for clothes, borrows the only thing he could find in Rick's dresser - a little blue dress, complete with his name stenciled inside it.
Because of these things, and much more, Rick will likely never get laid - at one point, he is even forced by Vyvyan to wear a sign declaring "I am a virgin". The closest this spotty bastard gets to sex is when he wakes up to find Helen Mucous in his bed (she didn't know he was there); otherwise, he masturbates to Cosmopolitan.

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Rick exaggerates or lies about his political activism and class background and is exposed in the final episode "Summer Holiday", when it is suggested he comes from an upper class, Conservative background. He seems to also be a closet transvestite, as Neil finds a dress in Rick's closet with his own name stitched on it in the episode "Nasty". In the episode "Cash" Rick admits to Mike that he is unable to tell the time, a trait that both he and Vyvyan share.
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2011 Carmilla (in production)
Hunchback (rumored)

2011 Eldorado (post-production)
Chef Mario

2011 Evil Calls (video)
Winston Llamata Jr

2010 Just for the Record
Andy Wiseman

2010 This Side of the Afterlife (short)
The Narrator (voice)

2009 Midsomer Murders (TV series)
David Roper
– The Creeper (2009) … David Roper

2009 Marple: Why Didn't They Ask Evans? (TV movie)
Alec Nicholson

2009 Minder (TV series)
Maurice Robinson
– In Vino Veritas (2009) … Maurice Robinson

2007 Blanche-Neige, la suite
Seven Dwarves

2007 Gina's Laughing Gear (TV series)
– Stairlift to Heaven (2007)

2006 SpongeBob SquarePants (TV series)
Lord Reginald
– Ghost Host/Chimps Ahoy (2006) … Lord Reginald (voice)

1983-2005 The Comic Strip Presents... (TV series)
Colin Grigson / Alan / Alan Sellars / …
– Sex Actually (2005) … Bilbo
– Four Men in a Plane (2000) … Alan Sellars
– Four Men in a Car (1998) … Alan
– Red Nose of Courage (1992) … James Huntingdon
– GLC: The Carnage Continues... (1990) … Lord Mayor
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2005 All About George (TV series)
George Kinsey
– Episode #1.6 (2005) … George Kinsey
– Episode #1.5 (2005) … George Kinsey
– Episode #1.4 (2005) … George Kinsey
– Episode #1.3 (2005) … George Kinsey
– Episode #1.2 (2005) … George Kinsey
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2005 King Arthur's Disasters (TV series)
King arthur

2005 Valiant
Cufflingk (voice)

2004 Shoebox Zoo (TV series)
Edwin the Eagle
– The Day of Reckoning (2004) … Edwin the Eagle (voice)
– Los Contrarios (2004) … Edwin the Eagle (voice)
– Sign of the Unicorn (2004) … Edwin the Eagle (voice)
– Where the River Flows (2004) … Edwin the Eagle (voice)
– Mother's Footsteps (2004) … Edwin the Eagle (voice)
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2004 Churchill: The Hollywood Years

2004 ABBA: Our Last Video Ever (TV short)

2003 Bottom Live 2003: Weapons Grade Y-Fronts Tour (video)
Richard Richard

2003 Sindy: The Fairy Princess (video)

2003 Chaos and Cadavers
Lennox Crowly

2003 Cold Dark

2003 Oh Marbella!
Greg Dubois

2002 Believe Nothing (TV series)
Professor Adonis Cnut
– Just a Minute (2002) … Professor Adonis Cnut
– The Unhappy Eater (2002) … Professor Adonis Cnut
– Double First (2002) … Professor Adonis Cnut
– May as Well Face It, You're Addicted to Fudge (2002) … Professor Adonis Cnut
– Prepare to Meteor Maker (2002) … Professor Adonis Cnut
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2002 Day of the Sirens
Domo Childs

2001 Kevin of the North

2001 Bottom 2001: An Arse Oddity (video)

2001 Murder Rooms: Mysteries of the Real Sherlock Holmes (TV series)
Lt. Daniel Blaney
– The White Knight Stratagem (2001) … Lt. Daniel Blaney

2001 Tales of Uplift and Moral Improvement (TV series)
Mrs. Ffine Carmody
– Holier Than Thou (2001) … Mrs. Ffine Carmody
– Generosity (2001) … Mrs. Ffine Carmody
– The Bully (2001) … Mrs. Ffine Carmody
– One Sweet Too Many (2001) … Mrs. Ffine Carmody
– Prejudice and Prejudice (2001) … Mrs. Ffine Carmody
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2000 Merlin: The Return

2000 The Knock (TV series)
– Episode #5.1 (2000) … Reid

2000 Hogs of War (Video Game) (voice)

1999 Watership Down (TV series)
– Kidnapped (1999) … Kehaar (voice)
– Friend and Enemy (1999) … Kehaar (voice)
– Lost (1999) … Kehaar (voice)
– A Tale of a Mouse (1999) … Kehaar (voice)
– The Vision (1999) … Kehaar (voice)
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1999 Blackadder Back & Forth (short)
Robin Hood

1999 Guest House Paradiso
Richard Twat

1999 Tom and Vicky (TV series) (voice)

1999 Jellikins (TV series)
Narrator (voice)

1999 Le château des singes
Gerard the Gormless (voice: English version)

1998 Jonathan Creek (TV series)
D.I. Gideon Pryke
– Black Canary (1998) … D.I. Gideon Pryke

1998 In the Red (TV series)
Dominic De'Ath

1997 The Bill (TV series)
Patrick Massie
– Humpty Dumpty: Part 3 (1997) … Patrick Massie
– Humpty Dumpty: Part 2 (1997) … Patrick Massie
– Humpty Dumpty: Part 1 (1997) … Patrick Massie

1997 Bottom Live 3: Hooligan's Island (video)
Richard Richard

1997 Bring Me the Head of Mavis Davis
Marty Starr

1997 Remember Me?

1997 The Canterville Ghost (TV movie)
Reverend Dampier

1996 The Willows in Winter (TV movie)
Toad (voice)

1996 Bud Tucker in Double Trouble (Video Game)
Dick Tate

1995 The Wind in the Willows (TV movie)
Toad (voice)

1995 Bottom Live: The Big Number 2 Tour (video)
Richard Richard

1995 How to Be a Little Sod (TV series)
Little Sod

1995 Look at the State We're In! (TV mini-series)

1991-1995 Bottom (TV series)
– 'S Out (1995) … Richie
– Carnival (1995) … Richie
– Finger (1995) … Richie
– Dough (1995) … Richie
– Break (1995) … Richie
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1995 Clair de Lune (TV movie)

1995 Dirty Old Town (TV movie)

1995 The Big One (TV movie)
Lewis Fox

1995 Out of My Head (video)
Ricky/The Doctor/Tobi

1995 The Snow Queen
Robber King (voice)

1995 The World of Peter Rabbit and Friends (TV series)
Tom Thumb
– The Tale of Two Bad Mice and Johnny Town-Mouse (1995) … Tom Thumb (voice)

1994 A. B'Stard Exposed (TV movie)
Alan B'Stard

1993 Bottom Live (video)
Richard Richard

1993 Dancing Queen (TV movie)

1993 Briefest Encounter (TV movie)

1993 Micky Love (TV movie)
Micky Love

1993 Horse Opera (TV movie)
Wyatt Earp

1987-1992 The New Statesman (TV series)
Alan B'Stard
– The Irresistible Rise of Alan B'Stard (1992) … Alan B'Stard
– A Bigger Splash (1992) … Alan B'Stard
– Heil and Farewell (1992) … Alan B'Stard
– Speaking in Tongues (1992) … Alan B'Stard
– H*A*S*H (1992) … Alan B'Stard
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1992 Carry on Columbus
The Sultan

1992 Little Noises

1991 The Princess and the Goblin
Prince Froglip (voice)

1991 Drop Dead Fred
Drop Dead Fred

1989 Blackadder Goes Forth (TV series)
Squadron Commander Lord Flasheart
– Private Plane (1989) … Squadron Commander Lord Flasheart

1989 Grim Tales (TV series)

1988 Whoops Apocalypse
Specialist catering Commander

1988 Jake's Journey (TV movie)

1987 French and Saunders (TV series)
– Episode #1.5 (1987)

1987 Filthy Rich & Catflap (TV series)
Richard Rich
– Episode #1.6 (1987) … Richard Rich
– Episode #1.5 (1987) … Richard Rich
– Episode #1.4 (1987) … Richard Rich
– Episode #1.3 (1987) … Richard Rich
– Episode #1.2 (1987) … Richard Rich
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1987 Eat the Rich

1986 Black-Adder II (TV mini-series)
– Bells (1986) … Flashheart

1966-1986 Jackanory (TV series)
Reader / Storyteller
– George's Marvellous Medicine: Grandma Gets the Medicine (1986) … Storyteller
– George's Marvellous Medicine: The Cook-Up (1986) … Storyteller
– George's Marvellous Medicine: The Marvellous Plan (1986) … Reader
– Jack and the Beanstalk (1966) … Reader

1986 Saturday Live (TV series)
Richard Dangerous

1986 Dangerous Brothers Present: World of Danger (video)
Richard Dangerous

1985 Happy Families (TV series)
– Madeleine (1985) … Priest

1984 The Lenny Henry Show (TV series)
– Episode #1.5 (1984)

1982-1984 The Young Ones (TV series)
Rick / Alien Spotter / Dicky
– Summer Holiday (1984) … Rick
– Sick (1984) … Rick
– Time (1984) … Rick
– Nasty (1984) … Rick
– Cash (1984) … Rick
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1983 The Black Adder (TV mini-series)
Mad Gerald - Himself
– The Black Seal (1983) … Mad Gerald - Himself (as Mad Gerald)

1982 Whoops Apocalypse (TV series)
– Autumn Cannibalism (1982) … Biff

1982 Kevin Turvey: The Man Behind the Green Door (TV movie)
Kevin Turvey

1981 Shock Treatment
'Rest Home' Ricky

1981 Couples and Robbers (short)
Morris David Boyd

1981 A Kick Up the Eighties (TV series)
Kevin Turvey

1981 An American Werewolf in London
2nd Chess Player

1981 Eye of the Needle

1981 Wolcott (TV mini-series)
PC Fell

1981 Kevin Turvey Investigates (video)
Kevin Turvey

1981 The Comic Strip (TV short)
Richard Dangerous

1980 The Squad (TV series)
1st Supporter
– New Boys (1980) … 1st Supporter

1980 The Orchard End Murder

Nigel Planer aka Neil Wheedon Watkins Pye
@scotty yelling

Neil Pye  is the pacifist vegetarian ("Vegetable Rights and Peace, man!") hippie of the four, and is the target of frequent abuse by Vyvyan and Rick. He is revealed to come from a conservative, upper-class upbringing, and is a source of shame for his parents (for starring on such a despicable show). Forced to do all the housework, as well as the shopping and answering the phone, Neil is perpetually depressed, and occasionally suicidal. Generally (rightfully) ignored by the others (unless the housework is neglected), Neil is the hapless recipient of some of the worst misfortune experienced by the group:
  • When he sneezes, either an explosion occurs, or he "projectile"-sneezes lines of snot all over the place. In one instance of the latter, Vyvyan saves the day by nailing a laundry bag to Neil's head.
  • When the boys run low on money, Neil is forced by the others to work (despite his "alternative lifestyle" excuse), first attempting to join the army (he gets tossed out of the recruiting office for admitting to being a pacifist), then successfully joining the police force.
  • Neil dreams that the guys throw a party, which ends in a calamitous brawl, and he (naturally) receives the worst beating. In keeping with his usual luck, he wakes up from THAT dream, right before having his head kicked in by three of Vyvyan's friends
  • Last in line on "bath day", Neil is forced to bathe in a thick brown muck, as nobody else has bothered to change the water in a week and a half.
Neil is not very well-liked (nobody likes emo hippies), except by his two known "real" friends, Neil (heavy!) and Warlock - who are also dirty, drug-addled hippies. Neil doesn't show any obvious interest in women (or sex, for that matter), and the closest he's ever shown to getting any action is when he's forced to use his boner to hold up a flower-pot, so he can answer the phone.

@scotty yelling

Neil wants the others to feel sorry for him, or just acknowledge his presence. He claims "the most interesting thing that ever happens to me is sneezing" - the force of which is sufficient to blow a door off its hinges.

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@scotty yelling

2010 Marple: The Pale Horse (TV movie)
Mr. Venables

2009 How to Be Old (TV series)
Nicholas Craig

2009 Let's Dance for Comic Relief (TV series)
Wilbur Turnblad
– Episode #1.4 (2009) … Wilbur Turnblad

2008 Mumbai Calling (TV series)
Lonely Guy
– My Mate Mumbai (2008) … Lonely Guy (voice)

2008 The Colour of Magic (TV movie)
Arch Astronomer

2008 M.I.High (TV series)
Prime Minister
– The Visit (2008) … Prime Minister

2008 The Revenge Files of Alistair Fury (TV series)
Great Uncle Crawford
– I'm Not Scared (2008) … Great Uncle Crawford

2007 Virgin Territory
Uncle Bruno

2007 How to Be Edwardian (TV movie)
Nicholas Craig

2007 Flood
Keith Hopkins

2007 Mark Lawson Talks to... (TV series)
Nicholas Craig
– Nicholas Craig (2007) … Nicholas Craig

2007 Grizzly Tales for Gruesome Kids (TV series)
– Scabi (2007) … Narrator (voice)

2006 Hogfather (TV movie)
Mr. Sideney

2006 How to Be Eighteenth Century (TV movie)
Nicholas Craig

2006 SpongeBob SquarePants (TV series)
Dr. Marmalade
– Ghost Host/Chimps Ahoy (2006) … Dr. Marmalade (voice)

2006 Mayo (TV series)
Robert Bainbridge
– Episode #1.2 (2006) … Robert Bainbridge

1983-2005 The Comic Strip Presents... (TV series)
Den Dennis / Stan / 1st MI5 Man / …
– Sex Actually (2005) … Graham
– Four Men in a Plane (2000) … Tim Goodman
– Four Men in a Car (1998) … Tim
– Jealousy (1993) … Transvestite
– Demonella (1993) … Father
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2005 The Last Detective (TV series)
Gerry Jameson
– Three Steps to Hendon (2005) … Gerry Jameson

2003 Bright Young Things
Taxi Driver

2003 Comic Relief 2003: The Big Hair Do (TV movie)
Albus Dumbledore

2001 The Grimleys (TV series)
Baz Grimley
– The Grimley Curse (2001) … Baz Grimley

2001 Baddiel's Syndrome (TV series)
– Dead Grandma (2001) … Undertaker

2000 Boheme (TV movie)

1999 The Nearly Complete and Utter History of Everything (TV movie)

1999 The Bill (TV series)
Colin Boswell
– Look Again (1999) … Colin Boswell

1999 Discworld Noir (Video Game)
Count Henning Von Überwald/Rhodan/Malaclypse/The Watchmen/Warb/Zombie/Various Characters (voice)

1998 You Are Here (TV movie)
Sheldon Cohen

1998 The Land Girls

1997 Diana & Me
Taxi Driver

1997 The Grimleys (TV movie)
Baz Grimley

1997 Jonathan Creek (TV series)
– The Reconstituted Corpse (1997) … Shelford

1997 Paul Merton in Galton and Simpson's... (TV series)
– I Tell You It's Burt Reynolds (1997) … Gavin

1996 Romuald the Reindeer (TV series short)
Romuald the Reindeer (1996) (voice)

1996 Cuts (TV movie)
Jocelyn Pride

1996 The Wind in the Willows
The Car Salesman

1996 Discworld II: Missing Presumed...!? (Video Game)
Albert (voice) / Bursar (voice) / Foul Ole Ron (voice) / …

1995 Jeremy Hardy Gives Good Sex (video)

1982-1995 Shine on Harvey Moon (TV series)
Lou Lewis
– Episode #5.12 (1995) … Lou Lewis
– Episode #5.11 (1995) … Lou Lewis
– Episode #5.10 (1995) … Lou Lewis
– Episode #5.9 (1995) … Lou Lewis
– Episode #5.8 (1995) … Lou Lewis
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1995 Clockwork Mice

1995 The Marriage of Figaro (TV mini-series)

1994 Wake Up with Libby and Jonathan (TV movie)
Jonathan Hughes

1994 The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes (TV series)
Inspector Hopkins
– The Golden Pince-Nez (1994) … Inspector Hopkins

1993 Bonjour la Classe (TV series)
Laurence Didcott
– I Love Lucy (1993) … Laurence Didcott
– Herring's Magnificat (1993) … Laurence Didcott
– Old Dogs (1993) … Laurence Didcott
– Vive la Revolution (1993) … Laurence Didcott
– Red Card (1993) … Laurence Didcott
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1992 Santa's First Christmas (TV movie)
Romuald the Reindeer (voice)

1992 Unnatural Pursuits (TV series)
George Pepperly
– I'm the Author (1992) … George Pepperly

1992 Carry on Columbus
The Wazir

1990-1992 Nicholas Craig, the Naked Actor (TV series)
Nicholas Craig
– Blow Winds and Crack Your Cheeks (1992) … Nicholas Craig
– Adam the Performer (1992) … Nicholas Craig
– Classical Cooking (1992) … Nicholas Craig
– A Roving Commission (1992) … Nicholas Craig
– Question Time (1992) … Nicholas Craig
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1991 The Trials of Oz (TV movie)
John Peel

1991 Comic Relief (TV movie)
Den Dennis (as Bad News)

1991 Santa and the Tooth Fairies (TV short)
Romuald the Reindeer (voice: English version)

1990 Screen One (TV series)
Paul Hocking
– Frankenstein's Baby (1990) … Paul Hocking

1990 French and Saunders (TV series)
– Dangerous Liasons (1990) … Andy

1990 The Magic Roundabout (TV series)
Narrator (voice)

1989 Blackeyes (TV mini-series)
– Episode #1.4 (1989) … Jeff
– Episode #1.3 (1989) … Jeff
– Episode #1.2 (1989) … Jeff
– Episode #1.1 (1989) … Jeff

1986-1988 King & Castle (TV series)
David Castle
– Cons (1988) … David Castle
– Class (1988) … David Castle
– Floppy Discs (1988) … David Castle
– Hams (1988) … David Castle
– Dim Sums (1988) … David Castle
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1988 Number 27
Andrew Veitch

1987 Black Adder the Third (TV series)
Lord Smedley, fop
– Nob and Nobility (1987) … Lord Smedley, fop (as Mr. Nigel Planer)

1987 Filthy Rich & Catflap (TV series)
Ralph Filthy
– Episode #1.6 (1987) … Ralph Filthy
– Episode #1.5 (1987) … Ralph Filthy
– Episode #1.4 (1987) … Ralph Filthy
– Episode #1.3 (1987) … Ralph Filthy
– Episode #1.2 (1987) … Ralph Filthy
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1987 Eat the Rich
DHSS Manager

1985 The Supergrass

1985 Happy Families (TV series)
– Madeleine (1985) … Barman

1985 Storyboard (TV series)
David Castle
– King & Castle (1985) … David Castle

1985 Roll Over Beethoven (TV series)
Nigel Cochrane

1985 Brazil
Charlie--Dept. of Works

1984 The Lenny Henry Show (TV series)
– Episode #1.6 (1984)

1982-1984 The Young Ones (TV series)
Neil / Dino
– Summer Holiday (1984) … Neil
– Sick (1984) … Neil
– Time (1984) … Neil
– Nasty (1984) … Neil
– Cash (1984) … Neil
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1983 Yellowbeard

1983 Dead on Time (short)
Boring Friend

1981 Doctor's Daughters (TV series)
– Needle Match (1981) … Constable

1981 The Comic Strip (TV short)

1980 How's Your Father? (TV series)
– Help! (1980) … Sissie

1977 A Roof Over My Head (TV series)
– Another Fine Mess (1977) … Rodney 

Christopher Ryan akc MIKE "The-Cool-Person"

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Mike Thecoolperson  is essentially the leader of the group, basically because he's the only one who isn't completely bat-shit insane. He is, however, almost a midget little person, and more than a little shady. He's quite the opportunist, and is always looking for new ways to make easy money. Some of Mike's schemes have included:
  • Blackmailing his tutor and the Dean of the school for grants and passing grades
  • Establishing a fascist coalition with Vyvyan, to force Rick and Neil to work the "oil mine" Vyvyan discovered in the house
  • Attempting to sell an undetonated atomic bomb (that landed in the kitchen) to an arms dealer
  • Having discovered that Buddy Holly has not, in fact, died, but has been hanging upside-down in an upstairs bedroom for three decades (subsisting on English beetles), Mike begins calculating his cut of the royalties sure to pour in from new Holly records
  • Opening a roller-disco in Rick's room .
Mike is supposedly the lady's man of the group, but is never seen with any women, save for the blow-up doll that he sleeps with. He does make the effort to perpetuate his "reputation" by scattering bras and panties around his bedroom, and making a tape of what we are to believe to be aural proof of his having a snog. The closest he gets to any "action" is when Helen Mucous (a mass-murderer who snuck into the house) attempted to smother him with a pillow. At one point in the second series, he is even forced to admit his virginity, lest he fall prey to the vampire who arrived via 2nd-class post.
Even when he's seemingly preoccupied (keeping the peace between the other three, or completely ignoring them), Mike can always be counted on for a casual double-entendre, obvious pun, or narrating his activities in the third-person.

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A con artist, he always has some kind of plan to make quick money such as renting out Rick's bedroom as a roller disco and soliciting bids for the unexploded Atomic bomb that fell into the house. Mike attends Scumbag College only nominally as he has blackmailed his tutor and the Dean of the school for grants and apparently passing grades, although this is contradicted by the title sequence of series 1, in which he is seen to pay a bribe in exchange for a qualification. In "Summer Holiday" he muses; "I think I'll ask for one of those Ph.D.s next year."

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Doctor Who (TV series)
General Staal / Commander Stark
– The Pandorica Opens (2010) … Commander Stark
– The Poison Sky (2008) … General Staal
– The Sontaran Stratagem (2008) … General Staal

2009 Dead Man Running
Bookie at the Dogs (uncredited)

2005-2009 The Green Green Grass (TV series)
Tony Driscoll
– Home Brew (2009) … Tony Driscoll
– Brothers and Sisters (2006) … Tony Driscoll
– One Flew Over the Cuckoo Clock (2005) … Tony Driscoll

2007 The Life and Times of Vivienne Vyle (TV series)
– Episode #1.6 (2007) … Miriam
– Episode #1.2 (2007) … Miriam

2007 Saxondale (TV series)
Ticket Inspector
– Episode #2.5 (2007) … Ticket Inspector

2006 SpongeBob SquarePants (TV series)
Professor Percy
– Ghost Host/Chimps Ahoy (2006) … Professor Percy (voice)

1992-2004 Absolutely Fabulous (TV series)
– White Box (2004) … Marshall
– Cold Turkey (2003) … Marshall (as Chris Ryan)
– Birthin' (2003) … Marshall (as Chris Ryan)
– Gay (2002) … Marshall
– Menopause (2001) … Marshall
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2001-2003 My Family (TV series)
Mr. Hilliard / Rod Baxter
– Canary Cage (2003) … Rod Baxter
– Parisian Beauty (2001) … Mr. Hilliard

1999 Alice in Wonderland (TV movie)
Royal Gardener #3 (as Chris Ryan)

1998 Absolutely Fabulous: Absolutely Not! (video)

1997 Melissa (TV mini-series)
Les Maurice
– Episode #1.5 (1997) … Les Maurice
– Episode #1.4 (1997) … Les Maurice
– Episode #1.3 (1997) … Les Maurice
– Episode #1.2 (1997) … Les Maurice
– Episode #1.1 (1997) … Les Maurice

1991-1995 Bottom (TV series)
Hedgehog / Dave Hedgehog
– Dough (1995) … Hedgehog
– Terror (1995) … Hedgehog
– Holy (1992) … Hedgehog
– Parade (1992) … Hedgehog
– Accident (1991) … Dave Hedgehog

1995 Health and Efficiency (TV series)
Peter Hudson
– The Old Dope Peddler (1995) … Peter Hudson

1990-1995 One Foot in the Grave (TV series)
McKendrick Twins / Plumber
– Hole in the Sky (1995) … McKendrick Twins
– The Valley of Fear (1990) … Plumber

1994 Mr. Bean (TV series)
Karate Student
– Back to School Mr. Bean (1994) … Karate Student (as Chris Ryan)

1994 Requiem Apache (TV movie)
Club Barman (as Chris Ryan)

1993 Dirty Weekend
Small One

1993 Newman and Baddiel in Pieces (TV series)
– Guilty (1993)

1993 Maigret (TV series)
– Maigret and the Maid (1993) … Basie

1992 The New Statesman (TV series)
Ioannis Douvalopoulos
– Speaking in Tongues (1992) … Ioannis Douvalopoulos

1990 The Best of 'The Lenny Henry Show' (video)

1989 The Russ Abbot Show (TV series)
– Episode #4.12 (1989)

1989 Only Fools and Horses.... (TV series)
Tony Driscoll
– Little Problems (1989) … Tony Driscoll

1989 The fairy queen (La reine des fées) (TV movie)

1987 A Small Problem (TV series)

1986 Doctor Who (TV series)
Lord Kiv
– The Trial of a Time Lord: Part 8 (1986) … Lord Kiv
– The Trial of a Time Lord: Part 7 (1986) … Lord Kiv
– The Trial of a Time Lord: Part 6 (1986) … Lord Kiv
– The Trial of a Time Lord: Part 5 (1986) … Lord Kiv

1985 Santa Claus

1985 Happy Families (TV series)
– Cassie (1985) … Mell

1985 The Lenny Henry Show (TV series)
– Episode #2.2 (1985)

1985 Summer Season (TV series)
– Rachel and the Roarettes (1985) … Twerp

1982-1984 The Young Ones (TV series)
– Summer Holiday (1984) … Mike
– Sick (1984) … Mike
– Time (1984) … Mike
– Nasty (1984) … Mike
– Cash (1984) … Mike
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1981 The Olympian Way (TV series)
Mickey Farr
– Slim Chance (1981) … Mickey Farr

1981 Play for Today (TV series)
Hound Dog
– A Turn for the Worse (1981) … Hound Dog

1981 BBC2 Playhouse (TV series)
– Days at the Beach (1981)

1980 Fox (TV series)
– Stick or Twist (1980) … East

1979 Premiere (TV series)
– Deasey (1979) … Clive

1979 Angels (TV series)
– Episode #5.15 (1979) … Harry
– Episode #5.13 (1979) … Harry

1978 Target (TV series)
– A Good and Faithful Woman (1978) … Jock

The Young Ones - Cash (Series 2 Episode 2) Part 1,2,3 and 4

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Funny Quotes:
Neil: How many people does it take to screw in a lightbulb? One, me, 'cause I'm the only one that does anything around here anyway!

Vivien, Vivien, Vivien. Every time something blows up in this house its always bloody Vivien.

We NEVER clean the toilet, Neil! That's what being a student is all about! No way, Harpic! No way, Dot! All that Blue Loo scene is for squares. One thing's for sure, Neil. When Cliff Richard wrote "Wired for Sound", no way was he sitting on a clean lavatory! He was living on the limit, just like me. Where the only place to put bleach is in your hair!

Don't panic. Don't panic! Worse things happen at sea. ... Well, like, you could be on a nice cruise in the South China Sea, having a lovely time. There's terrible weather, a big storm, and the ship sinks. You fall overboard, you're drowning! This big shark swims up to you and says, "By the way, Neil's parents are coming to tea in 30 seconds." That's when you panic. Come on!

Episode list and Songs from the bands
 Series 1
(Originally broadcast 9 November-14 December 1982 on BBC2; shown on Tuesdays
at 9 pm)

1 "Demolition"   
Nine Below Zero
performing "Eleven Plus Eleven" 9 November 1982 (1982-11-09)     101
The boys get a letter from the council telling them their squalid house will
be demolished. Vyvyan attempts to stop the demolition by beating the

construction crew to it, while Mike tries to sweet-talk the crew, Rick ties
himself to a giant cross and Neil attempts suicide.

2 "Oil" Radical Posture (with Alexei Sayle)
performing "Dr. Martens Boots"     16 November 1982 (1982-11-16)     102
Upon moving into a new house (their old one was hit by a plane in
"Demolition"), Vyvyan announces that he has struck oil in the cellar. Mike
forces Rick and Neil to do the mining, but Rick retaliates by holding a
benefit concert for himself and Neil in the living room.

3 "Boring"   
Madness performing "House of Fun" 23 November 1982 (1982-11-23)     103
The boys attempt to fight off boredom whilst several very exciting things go
unnoticed around them.

4 "Bomb"   
Dexys Midnight Runners
performing "Jackie Wilson Said" 30 November 1982 (1982-11-30)     104
An unexploded atomic bomb falls through the boys' roof and blocks the
refrigerator, so Rick tries to hold the country to ransom with it, Mike
attempt to sell it to the highest bidder while Neil builds a bomb shelter
and Vyvyan tries to detonate the thing. But worse, a television licence
inspector calls, forcing Vyvyan to devour the TV.

5 "Interesting"   
Rip Rig + Panic (with Neneh Cherry)
performing "You're My Kind Of Climate"     7 December 1982 (1982-12-07)     105
The boys host a party that gets out of hand.

6 "Flood"   
No musical performance, but a lion tamer does perform
14 December 1982 (1982-12-14)     106
During heavy rains, London floods. Vyvyan briefly visits Narnia during a
game of hide-and-seek, and the boys attempt to cook Neil as a solution to
their food problems — but are distracted when they realise that they are
trapped in the house with a homicidal, axe-wielding Mr. Balowski.

Series 2
(Originally broadcast 8 May-19 June 1984 on BBC2; shown Tuesdays at 9 pm)
7 "Bambi"   
performing "Ace of Spades" 8 May 1984 (1984-05-08)     201
The boys go to the launderette and compete against Footlights College,
Oxbridge in University Challenge.

8 "Cash"   
Ken Bishop's Nice Twelve
performing "Subterranean Homesick Blues" 15 May 1984 (1984-05-15)     202
Cash-strapped, and burning all of their possessions for heat, Neil is forced
(by his flatmates) to join the police force. Meanwhile, Vyvyan is pregnant.

9 "Nasty"   
The Damned
performing "Nasty" 29 May 1984 (1984-05-29)     203
A strange package from South Africa interferes with plans to watch a video

nasty on a rented VCR.

10 "Time"   
performing "Moonlight Romance"     5 June 1984 (1984-06-05) 204
Rick wakes up in bed next to a beautiful girl, and the house passes through
a time warp.

11 "Sick"   
performing "Our House"     12 June 1984 (1984-06-12)     205
While ill, the boys must deal with an escaped criminal and worse, Neil's

12 "Summer Holiday"   
John Otway
performing "Body Talk"     19 June 1984 (1984-06-19)     206
Summer is here and the lads finally get their results.

Main article: Summer Holiday (Young Ones episode)
In the final episode, the four students steal a red AEC Routemaster after
robbing a bank, only to drive it through a billboard with a picture of Cliff
Richard on it and then over an actual cliff, which the bus rolls down until
it comes to rest at the bottom, completely upright - at which point they
proclaim - in unison - "Phew! That was close!", after which the bus bursts
into flames.

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A sort of parody of the Tibetan Book of the Dead. The book was
basically Neil's philosophy of life and a guide to living a Neil-like hippyish alternative-lifestyle. It featured such things as a guide to determining your health through urine color; Neil'sreminiscences of his first drug experience; some quasi-pagan rituals; and how to write a job application that will guarantee you don't get hired.

The Def Leppard video to the hit single Me And My Wine from the early 1980's
parodies the TV series with rock band members playing the roles of the TV

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The Young Ones computer game 
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 Here is The Advert :)

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The Young Ones is a video game based on the British comedy television
series, The Young Ones.
The game takes place in the students' house. The player can choose to play
as either Mike, Neil, Vyvyan or Rick which then you explore the house and
enter different rooms. The other characters become computer controlled
players. All characters can move around the house, pick up and drop objects,
as well as break and fix things. The characters often talk, giving your
player clues as to what the character intends to do.
The aim of the game is to try and move out of the house with all your
character's belongings in the shortest time possible. This is not so easy
because your possessions are typically not in their preferred condition, or
are hidden around the house, and you will need various tools to get to them.
The other characters will move around the house, behaving in-character,
occasionally moving all your possessions around, and occasionally damaging
them - making your life harder.

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